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Automated analysis of software and hardware is crucial for any complex and/or large project because reviewing large and complex applications requires a huge amount of time and funding and does not scale well. Code in large environments can be written faster than it can be reviewed.

To counter this problem, X41 offers dynamic analysis for:

  • Automated flaw-finding, to find many vulnerabilities efficiently in a scalable manner;
  • Automated testing as part of a modern development and QA process to
    establish a continuous security baseline;
  • Using custom dynamic and static analysis to establish continuous automated testing for infrastructure, software and hardware components;

Examples of public fuzzing projects of X41 include smartcard driver fuzzing and the YARA malware classifier.

A team of highly experienced experts in software security will analyze the attack surface you have and implement custom methods of fuzzing, symbolic execution and other forms of automated analysis. As part of modern software development processes and QA, X41 can help you find regressions and to avoid newly introduced bugs.

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