Advisory X41-2017-04: Multiple Vulnerabilities in tnef

Eric Sesterhenn of X41 found multiple vulnerabilities in the tnef tool which is used to extract winmail.dat files.
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Advisory X41-2017-02: Multiple Vulnerabilities in ytnef

Eric Sesterhenn of X41 found multiple vulnerabilities in the ytnef TNEF library which is used to extract winmail.dat files.
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Wire Cryptography Audit (with Kudelski Security)

X41 D-Sec's Markus Vervier and Kudelski Security's JP Aumasson were hired to audit Wire's cryptography core, the proteus library.
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Vulnerabilities in Signal Private Messenger

Two vulnerabilities in signal have been uncovered by Markus Vervier and Jean-Philippe Aumasson, which allow attackers to modify encrypted attachments and crash the Signal app permanently.
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Advisory X41-2016-001: Memory Corruption Vulnerability in "libotr"

X41 found a memory corruption vulnerability in the widely used libotr library.
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We have the expertise in code reviewing, red team penetration testing and security design reviews of a wide variety of products. Finding defects will improve the quality of your products.

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We help you handle vulnerabilities in products you use or develop. We take care of vendor contacts and work out the technical details with security researchers and developers to do vulnerability reporting in a professional way. Years of experience in uncovering vulnerabilities created an expert process in getting vulnerabilities fixed.


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There is no defense without understanding offense. Security Research is essential to keep up with emerging threats. From uncovering new vulnerabilities to creating better mitigations we are a strongly research driven company.

Mitigation and Hardening


No application is bug-free. A good security concept will include measures to harden and mitigate yet unknown vulnerabilities making it harder for an adversary to exploit them. We develop new techniques to mitigate exploitation and contain threats.

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