X41 D-SEC GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2019-007

Cleartext Credentials in GeDoWin Geburt

Severity Rating: High

Confirmed Affected Versions: GeDoWin Geburt since version 2012.2

Confirmed Patched Versions: GeDoWin Geburt 2020.2 SP1, GeDoWin Geburt 2020.2

Vendor: Saatmann GmbH & Co. KG

Vendor URL: https://www.saatmann.de

Vendor Reference: https://www.saatmann.de/Kunden/Kunden_pwd_Geburt.htm

Vector: Local

Credit: X41 D-SEC GmbH, Niklas Abel

Status: Public

CVE: CVE-2020-10533

CVSS Score: 6.5


Advisory-URL: https://www.x41-dsec.de/lab/advisories/x41-2019-007-gedowin/

Summary and Impact

The GeDoWin Geburt software backend stores clear text credentials in its MSSQL database if it was upgraded from a legacy system. The clear text credentials are the ones which were used before the upgrade from the legacy system and may have been replaced by the users. If a user tries to login, GeDoWin Geburt queries the remote database and gets the old credentials in XML format. Due to internal caching of valid database credentials this also worked with using wrong credentials to login in our test. The credentials from the XML file are stored in plain text and are not secured in any way. An attacker could obtain all old unprotected credentials of users of the GeDoWin Geburt software this way. This could give an attacker credentials which may still be valid and could be used by the users for other services as well.

Product Description

GeDoWin Geburt is software for birth documentation in labor and delivery units. Multiple clients share one remote database.


Gedowin Geburt stores the old passwords without protection in the T_GNG_Personal table. This could violate the General Data Protection Regulation and exposes the user’s old credentials to risk. Due to internal caching, GeDoWin Geburt clients are able to login to the Gedowin Geburt database using the client with invalid credentials, if a valid user has been logged in with valid credentials before. Therefore even users with invalid credentials could be able to receive the XML file with clear-text credentials from the old users and login using these credentials from old accounts which have not been changed and also use all services which share the same username and password combination.


The clear-text passwords will be removed when updating to GeDoWin Geburt 2020.2 or later.

The vendor states that the users should have been requested to change their passwords after the upgrade from the legacy system.

All users should be notified to use unique credentials for GeDoWin Geburt and to change their credentials if they still use the passwords which they used for the legacy system.


2019-11-07 Issue found

2019-11-11 Vendor contacted through customer of X41

2019-12-02 No updates from the vendor, advisory drafted

2020-01-20 Customer of X41 grants permission to pass the advisory

2020-01-20 BSI contacted through X41

2020-01-22 BSI approved to take care of contacting the vendor and to notify affected hospitals

2020-03-12 Vendor Requested CVE ID

2020-03-16 Vendor requested a conference call with X41 to clarify internal program flows

2020-03-19 Vendor had a conference call with X41 to clarify internal program flows

2020-03-19 Vendor published GeDoWin Geburt version 2020.2 to mitigate the cleartext password issue

2020-03-20 X41 added new information from the meeting to the advisory

2020-04-02 Vendor notified X41 that the cached authentication issue was patched in version 2020.2 SP1

2020-04-06 Vendor published version 2020.2 SP1

2020-04-08 X41 published Advisory

2020-04-15 X41 adjusted CVSS score based on BSI recommendation

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Author: Niklas Abel
Date: April 08, 2020