X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2020-004

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Indamed Medical Office

Highest Severity Rating: Medium

Confirmed Affected Versions: v2.102.9327

Confirmed Patched Versions: v2.102.9508

Vendor: Indamed

Vendor URL: https://www.indamed.de/

Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn

Status: Public

Advisory-URL: https://www.x41-dsec.de/lab/advisories/x41-2020-004-indamed

Summary and Impact

Indamed Medical Office contains an XSS issue and stores user passwords as unsalted MD5 hashes. This allows to attack users and, in case an attacker gets access to the filesystem, retrieve plain text passwords.

Product Description

Indamed Medical Office allows you to manage a medical office and patients.

Passwords stored as MD5 Hash

Severity Rating: Medium

Vector: Database Access


CWE: 916

CVSS Score: 6.0



Indamed Medical Office stores the secret passwords of the users as an MD5 hash in ‘C:\INDAMED\dat\MEDOFF.GDB’. MD5 can be brute-forced efficiently and should not be used for such purposes. Additionally, since no salt is used, rainbow tables can speed up the attack. These can be extracted easily and due to the nature of the database even reveal older hashes.

Proof of Concept

strings MEDOFF.GDB | grep -e “^[0-9a-f]{32}$” | sort | uniq

XSS in Webinterface

Severity Rating: Medium

Vector: Network


CWE: 79

CVSS Score: 5.4



The HTTP server running on localhost:2019, which is reachable via the nginx server remotely, contains an XSS security flaw, which can be triggered easily via a malicious URL. This might allow an attacker to steal session data or modify the website. The webserver is only used for the REST-API which might render this attack vector useless.

Proof of Concept



A quick workaround might be to add a WAF into the nginx configuration.


2020-02-24 Issue found

2020-03-03 Asked vendor for security contact via email (info@indamed.de)

2020-03-05 Asked vendor for security contact via website

2020-03-05 Information sent to vendor

2020-03-13 Vendor acknowledges

2020-03-20 CVE requested

2020-04-01 Patched version released

2020-04-02 Advisory released

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Author: Eric Sesterhenn
Date: April 02, 2020